Zohan Group

Zohan Group is a management conglomerate consisting of seven global management consulting, advisory and research companies, holistically addressing diverse and complex challenges in corporate sectors worldwide. The group is the central point of contact for all of its subsidiary companies and manages the client engagement cycles centrally  according to their particular needs, to the outstanding solutions provided by the distinguished Zohan Group companies.

Zohan Group's approach is unique and different from traditional management practices. Instead of industry specific expertise, we provide a top line integrated solution by developing a strategic mindset which trickles down the advantage flow starting from top to bottom and then from bottom to top across the organization. We call it the Enterprise Xylem-Phloem Network (EXPN).

Zohan Group's solutions are based on carefully selected categories which are critical to make any business exceptional. Each of these categories includes best of the class and recognized business concepts as tiers, when combined together, result in exceptional outcomes for superior objectives and goals for any corporation.

Zohan Group excels in shaping the future management trends on the basis of what is happening on top in business world today in terms of latest corporate research, new award-winning recognitions, and revolutionary new business idea. This makes Zohan Group a dynamic, vibrant and unique B2B Knowledge Consulting, accessible for its engagement to corporations in every country via country partners, online access, as well as at direct on-premises support.


Syed Faraz Mujtaba Founder & Chairman
Tessa Kerrich-Walker Group CEO