J. Roxton

Partnerships & Platforms

Developing and Managing Your Partners - in 200 Countries across the Globe.

J. Roxton is a first-of-its-kind-ever Business Development platform for our clients. We develop and manage partnerships for you at your required scale; global, regional or national. J. Roxton develops, follows up, manages, and maintains effective, productive, and harmonious relationships with your newly developed partners through us. It can be as informal as phone calls, e-mails, and social visits or as formal as written, signed agreements that partners review periodically, training, implementing, and managing. What is most important is that you don't need to invest the time and resources needed to maintain partnerships, we do it for you, and you communicate regularly with your partners and you both have the opportunity to assess how things are going. The new partners we develop and manage for you in different market territories expand your business terrain to unlimited levels and scope and widely open huge profit and growth prospects for all the stake holders engaged.

Maintaining effective partnerships is important to ensure that a business plan stays on track. The success or failure of a partnership is often not related to its complexity or the strengths and weaknesses of its participants. The success or failure is more often determined by how partners handle challenges and opportunities. At J. Roxton, we manage partners for you to help you navigate through complex, changing and often unfamiliar terrain.

When we Develop Partnerships and Work on Partnership Management?

Our team will develop most of partnerships for you in the define and design phase. A key input in identifying your partners is your stakeholder analysis. Your partners will be drawn from a larger pool of stakeholders we already work with in different global regions or from newly identified resources based on customization for your project. In either case, they will be needed to be directly engaged in the planning and implementation of your business segment. Very swiftly, your project, the context in which it takes place, and/or the partnerships themselves will evolve. Thus, it is important to revisit your partnerships and stakeholder analysis at various points in the planning and implementation process to ensure all key partners are involved and engaged and that it is clear to all involved what is expected of each partner. With this in mind, J. Roxton includes special segment of 'Attention to Partnerships'.

How we Develop Partnerships and Work on Partnership Management?

Our team develops and manages your partnerships vary greatly by the type of partner and the relationship between your team and that partner. In general, however, developing and maintaining partnerships involves four main steps:

Establish and review partnerships
Determine governance
Formalize partnerships
Maintain strong relationships with partners

Although we develop these steps separately, they are often occurring in tandem. Because of the evolving nature of partnerships, it is also likely that you will have to revisit these steps several times over the course of your engagement with us.

Elements of Effective Partner Management

By including key partners for your business and in all steps of the planning process, we help to create a framework for guidance and leadership to implement your project, and create a sound basis for managing (and monitoring) a partnership of equals that ensures all stakeholders' opinions and needs are respected. The successful engagement and management of partners in your project's implementation can yield great results, but it is a challenging effort. The following are some guiding principles drawn from effective partnerships experience of J. Roxton:

Maximizing Diversity:
We draw your partners from a diverse mix of entities that may include corporations, NGOs, small grassroots organizations, local community members, institutes, think tanks, or government agencies. Our partners multiply your resources, capacity and effectiveness in various ways and are not just sources of revenue but also expand your global footprint and brand recognition.

Minimizing Costs:
Engaging partners and stakeholders often increases the time it takes to plan or carry out work - in developing a common vision and goals, keeping everyone organized, on task and delivering results toward your common vision and goals. J. Roxton successfully develops and manages your partnerships by finding the right balance of good decision making and management among partners without burdening the project with unnecessary structure and bureaucracy.

Creating Multiple Roles:
It is often important to have individuals from each of the major stakeholder groups involved in implementation at some level, but it is not necessary to give each the same role. Each partner has its own interests and agenda, and its role in implementation varies. J. Roxton's management systems provide the means to engage each partner at an appropriate and effective level - ranging from simply receiving communications, to an advisory role, to a fully engaged leadership and management role.

Planning for Transition:
Often leadership shifts during a long-term project, which will be reflected in governance and management of partners. Typically, J.Roxton leads or shares leadership during project development. However, depending on your requirements, our role often shifts into more of a front role during implementation, with leadership transitions to a government agency or other strategic partner that carries the project forward.