Exceptional Innovations

Leading Global Innovations in Welfare & Development.

Xymose! is a platform and market-place of world's greatest innovations of today. We partner and collaborate with genius individuals, companies and organizations who have innovated par excellence for the benefit of the planet, have contributed practically by converting ideas-into-practice, hence proven their brilliance and built an everlasting impact. We introduce and expand the great practices of these selected innovators to other parts of the world for a global common benefit.

Organization Innovation Field Country
Accion Andena 100 Million Polylepis Trees Forestation S. America
Aerofarms Vertical Farming Farming USA
Aerovelo Eta - Fastest Human Powered Bike Transport USA
Aleska Life   Urban Tiny Farming Food China
Alstom  Hydrogen Powered Trains Transport Germany
Aptera 100% Solar Powered Car Transport USA
Astypalea 100% Electric Vehicles Town Environment Greece
Avant Meats  Lab Fish Fillets Food Hong Kong
Beyond Coral  Charm - The Coral Growth Robot Ocean Mexico
Biophilic Design   Nature based Buildings Construction Singapore
Bogota Plan  City Pollution Control Environment Colombia
Borneo Nature Foundation   Green Jobs and 1 Million Trees Forestation Malaysia
Brown's Farm  Soil Health Environment USA
Bye Bye Plastic Bags Zero Single-use Plastic Movement Environment Indonesia
Carbfix   Turning CO2 into Stone Environment Iceland
Cocoa Motors  WalkCar Transport Japan
Conceptos Plasticos   Schools Built with Plastic-Waste Recycling Ivory Coast
Conservancy   Tourism to Fund Nature Preservation Ecology Kenya
Costa Rica Govt.  Carbon Neutral Future Development Costa Rica
Cotton 4  Cotton Waste Conversion to Commodities Recycling Africa
Dendra Systems   Seed Firing Drones Forestation UK
Denim Expert   Environment Friendly Denim Manufacturing Clothing Bangladesh
Deramakot Forest   Deforestation for Forestation Forestation Malaysia
Desserto  Vegan Leather Life Style Mexico
Deveci Tech   Enlil - Roadside Wind Turbine Energy Netherlands
District Heating  Home Warming through Energy from Waste Energy Denmark
Dock to Dish   Community Supported Fisheries Program Livelihood USA
Dubai Future Foundation  3D Printed Buildings Construction UAE
Ducks for Pests   Using Ducks for Weeds and Pests Agriculture China
Easy Solar   Solar Lamps Energy Sierra Leone
Eat Just  Lab Grown Meat Food Singapore
eBird Global Citizens Bird Counting Project Environment Australia
Ecoalf   Ocean Trash Conversion to Clothing Oceans Spain
Ejido Verde   Interest Free Plantation Loans Forestation Mexico
Emrod   Wireless Electricity Transmission Energy New Zealand
Envision Mochi - Car Charging Mobile Robot Transport China
Erik Ahlstrom   Plogging Environment Sweden
FarmMatch   Online Shopping from Local Organic Farms Food USA
Ferguson Marine  Hydrogen Powered Ferries Travel Scotland
Flare Ambulance Ride Hailing App Medical Kenya
Fluxus   AI based Pre-Fab Construction USA
Forest Green Rovers   Recycled Sports Recycling UK
Friends of Ocean Action  3 Techniques for Ocean CO2 Store Oceans Switzerland
Friends of Ocean Action  Depopulating Sea Urchins through Starfish Oceans Switzerland
Friends of Ocean Action   Seaweed Farming Livelihood Indonesia
GCV  10 Trees for Every Citizen Forestation Scotland
Generation Restoration   Nature Restoration Ideas Competition Environment France
Ghana Bamboo Bikes   Bamboo Made Eco-friendly Bikes Transport Ghana
Ghana SDIP Sustainable Development Investment Development Ghana
GM VTOL Car   Electric Flying Car Transport USA
Greenstand Treetracker   App for Earning Money by Growing Trees Forestation USA
Hanson Robotics  AI based Human-Like Robots Robotics Hong Kong
Hello Tractor  App for Borrowing Tractor Agriculture Nigeria
Henrik Anderson SV  System Value - Better Choices for Climate Environment Denmark
HHMI   Mindwriting - Brain-Computer-Interface Writing Medical USA
Horns Rev 3   Offshore Wind Farming Energy Denmark
Hybrid Air Vehicles  Airlander 10 - Helium Airship Transport UK
Hydro Pump Storage  Clean Energy Transition Energy Australia
Ida Auken Solutions 3 Urban Flood Control Techniques Disaster Mgmt Denmark
Jane Goodall Tree Idea Self-Naming Trees Campaign Forestation UK
Jet Suit Human Flying Suit Transport UK
Kakuma Camp   Refugee Settlement Program Community Kenya
Kamikatsu  100% Zero-Waste Town Recycling Japan
Knepp Estate  Wildland Farming Farming UK
Land Life Company   Tree Plantation Seed Cocoons Forestation Netherlands
LIFVS   24/7 App based No-Staff Convenience Store Life Style Sweden
Loop   Zero Packaging Waste for Milkmen Environment USA
MarinaTex   Degradable Bio-Plastic from Fish Scales Recycling UK
Michael Green Architecture  Wooden Buildings Construction Canada
New Leaf Project  Direct Cash Transfers Livelihood Canada
Notre Grand Bleu Palm Tree Reefs for Ocean Habitats  Oceans Tunisia
Osa Conservation  Earning through Wildlife Camera Trapping Livelihood Costa Rica
Precision Agriculture   Dutch Farming Agriculture Netherlands
Project Seagrass   Planting Giant underwater Meadows Oceans UK
RecyGlo   Business Carbon Footprint Impact Recycling Myanmar
Reppie Plant  Waste-to-Energy Plant Energy Ethiopia
Rewilding Europe  Nature's Natural Habitat Takeover Forestation UK
Selva Shrimp   Restoring Coastlines through Shrimp Farming Environment Indonesia
Sistema Bio   Turning Farming Waste into Fuel for Homes Energy Mexico
SmartOysters   App for Trekking and Selling Oyster Produce Livelihood Australia
Sponge City   Urban Flood Water Reusability by Kongjian Yu Disaster Mgmt China
StixFresh   Fruits Freshness Increase Stickers Food Malaysia
Studio Roosegaarde   Smog Free Tower Environment Netherlands
Suzano   Bio Plastic from Trees Recycling Brazil
The Bug Picture   Locusts Conversion to Poultry Feed Agriculture Kenya
The Vegetable Butcher   Meat Tasting Vegetables Food Netherlands
TIPA  Alternate Degradable Plastic Recycling Israel
Trees for the Future   Forest Gardens Forestation USA
Turbulent Hydro   Electricity from Running Water Energy Belgium
UDWR  Wildlife Bridges Environment USA
ULEZ  Urban Air Quality Improvement Environment UK
Universal Basic Income  Cash Support for No Pre-requisite Livelihood USA
University of Catania  Volcanic Ash Construction Material Construction Italy
UNSW  3D Printed Bones Medical Australia
Urban Water Conservation   Water Preservation in Cities Environment USA
Vanku   Tiger Stone - Road Printing Machine Construction Netherlands
Veta La Palma   Fish Farming with Water Cleansing Environment Spain
ViaVerde   Highway Vertical Garden Environment Mexico
Volta Zero  Urban Electric Truck Transport Sweden
Wasteless AI App for Expiring Food Consumption  Food Israel
WasteShark   Aqua Drone for Marine Cleaning Oceans UAE
Wave Swell   UniWave200 - Wave Energy Floating Turbine Energy Australia
Wrightbus  Hydrogen Powered Double Decker Bus Transport Scotland
Zai   Digging Pits to Harvest Rainwater Agriculture Chad
Zapata   Human Flying Hover Boards Transport France
Zhejiang University   Clean Coal Environment China
Zhejiang University   Soil Remediation through Plants Environment China